Home is where the Mushrooms grow...

Decriminalize Nature Portland is a grassroots cadre of Earth activists that are engaging the people of Portland, Oregon and beyond. We are banded together, bonded by our history with plants and fungus. People have cultural and spiritual relationships with psychedelic plants and mushrooms and we have the right to engage in communion that restores our connection with ourselves, each-other, and the Earth around us. By using the same face-to-face outreach that many nonprofits have traditionally used, we can build a vast network of organized supporters. This is important because when we are organized, we can:

  1. Take active steps to dismantle the drug war through grassroots workers'-democracy.

  2. Uplift medicines and teachers provided by the Earth. These ancient and novel allies have wise solutions to the ills of our contemporary society; they connect us to ourselves, our ancestors, and to the Earth through rites of passage, integration and intuitive healing.

  3. Share the skills of personal empowerment and independence with every one who wants to join us in making deep systemic change.

Our Mission Statement

  1. Decriminalize Nature Portland is a grassroots-funded workers democracy, co-operative organization working to decriminalize all schedule 1 plant and fungal entheogens in a way that benefits the working-class and their material and mental health, and to re-establish the inalienable right of all human beings to commune with Nature and pursue cognitive liberty.
  1. Principles: 
    1. Grassroots Funding/Working-class Orientation/Accessibility
      1. DNPDX, being aware of the facts 
        1. That all written history of previously existing society is the history of class struggle,
        2. That every government is a class-government, by and for the ruling class of its era,
        3. [PROPOSED: That the class struggle can be waged in every realm and arena of class society on every issue over which workers can be mobilized, first towards a goal, later towards the end of capitalism]
        4. That every human being deserves access to psychedelic medicine, regardless of class, gender, sexual orientation, and race,
      2. Is therefore resolved to:
        1. Never take money from any corporations or political action committees or parties
        2. Fight to ensure equality of access regardless of class, gender, sexual orientation, and race
        3. Encourage systemic change beyond psychedelic drug policy that will create a more harmonious, equal, and just world.
        4. Provide fundraising advice/training and material support to every grassroots-funded DN group across the United States
    2. Ecological and Cultural Sustainability
      1. DNPDX, being aware of the facts
        1. that entheogenic plant medicines around the globe are in increasing demand
        2. That commodification of plant medicine can have detrimental effects on the plant, its ecological surroundings, and the community that has traditionally cultivated it 
      2. Is therefore resolved to,
        1. Encourage each DN chapter to build and cultivate the entheogenic plants and plant medicine native to their own region.
        2. Grow entheogenic plants in a medicinal and ecologically sustainable way,
        3. Foster a culture and politics that preserves the ecology that allows these medicines to flourish. 
    3. Liberation/Decolonization
      1. DNPDX, being aware of the facts
        1. That the drug war in the United States has traditionally and statistically enforced along racist and classist lines;
        2. That entheogenic plants were used by indigenous peoples as a healing medicine long before their colonization;
        3. That psychedelic experiences generally lead to feelings/beliefs of anti-authoritarianism, unity, and self-actualization 
      2. Is therefore resolved to: 
        1. Take a firm and unapologetic stand with international decolonial and anti-incarceration efforts
        2. Uplift and empower indigenous voices and perspectives around the psychedelic movement
        3. Build a multi-racial, class-conscious psychedelic organization
    4. Horizontal/Democratic/Confederated Organization
      1. DNPDX, being aware of the facts
        1. That there are many visions of how to achieve the Decriminalization of Nature
        2. That open-source information and property has been a key value in DN Oakland
        3. That every city/state has its own contradictions, issues, and opportunities
      2. Is therefore resolved to
        1. Encourage a horizontal power structure within the Decriminalize Nature movement;
        2. Encourage a confederated structure in which each chapter/city is loosely affiliated, but operating largely under its own premises and prerogatives
        3. Offer fundraising and organizational advice/training to every grassroots-funded DN group across the United States