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Decriminalize Nature Portland is a grassroots cadre of Earth activists that are engaging the people of Portland, Oregon and beyond. We are banded together, bonded by our history with plants and fungus. People have cultural and spiritual relationships with plant and fungal entheogens and should have the right to engage in communion that restores our connection with ourselves, each-other, and the Earth around us. By using the same face-to-face outreach that many nonprofits have traditionally used, we can build a vast network of organized supporters. This is important because when we are organized, we can:

A. Represent the working class and majority vote, rather than giving corporations or private interests the biggest voice.

B. Fund and propel changes in the law that benefit people and the planet.

C. Educate each other in our community through our own platforms.

Fungal Philosophy 

Respecting the Inherent Intelligence and Spirit in Nature

Nicholas Combest

Many conversations are going on around Psilocybin mushrooms, Mescaline containing cacti, Ayahuasca, Iboga, along with all the other psychotropic species of plants and fungi.
Yes, they are medically useful. However, we must remember that they are also wise teachers. They are the voices of Gaia helping humanity to expand our awareness and also mediating between Homo Sapiens and the rest of Nature. Helping us to understand our toxic behaviors and bring us back into alignment with Life.

Some scientists out there are currently attempting to create non-psychoactive versions of many of these nature-synthesized molecules. Imagine a psilocybin or ibogaine analogue that has been neutered of its psychedelic potency. We must resist this tendency of humanity to silence Mother Nature’s voice and create a one sided relationship out of what truly is Holy Communion with Nature. We should not underestimate the value of the sacred communal and subjective experiences that these plants and fungi have to offer. These are not just health tools for humanity to be physically healthier and more effective venture capitalists. These plants and fungi are ambassadors of Gaia herself, sent to reconcile with her lost children. Truly the messengers of God…

~Mush Love