Queer Voices Speak to the New Psychedelia by Jeanna Eichenbaum on Chacruna


This article, by Jeanna Eichenbaum on Chacruna, is a very important expansion of scope away from hetero-normative models of facilitation, hegemonic models of research, and lens into the kinds of spiritual initiations and passages one may journey through when being LGBTQ2IA+ and communing with psychedelic medicines.

  1. "What does a queer spirituality that includes the multiplicity of our various identities look like? One that honors and includes sex and the body in so many of their healing and pleasurable manifestations; one that honors those on religious paths, and those who find those paths too historically painful, or actually irrelevant, to be necessary; one that acknowledges the loss of so many of our potentially wise elders and teachers during the plague years of the 80s and 90s; and the need for that wisdom now.
  2. What forms of therapy (cognitive, psychodynamic, narrative, etc.) might be most useful to allow us to define and tell our own stories in the ways they need to be told?
  3. What types of guide configurations outside of the limiting male/female dyads might be most helpful for us, and what types of healing settings could be best? Are group sessions a better way to increase trust and build healthy communities than one-to-one or two-to-one client-to- therapist sessions?
  4. Honoring the centrality of the land and the ancestors of this land that we are privileged to be doing this work on; looking for meaningful ways to bring awareness of the history of the land and the First Peoples who were, and still very much are, here as we engage in our healing.
  5. Inviting participants in these healings to bring the objects and artifacts that are meaningful to them for altar placement as both important in its own right, and one of the ways we consciously create the old/new queer healing rituals that will flow into the future." Queer Voices Speak to the New Psychedelia, Eichenbaum, Chacruna.

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